Riffer 3.1.1 sync issue - skipping notes

Riffer permanently seems to skip single steps. Is this a bug?
In this video I have a 4 bar loop in my DAW and I let Riffer play a note in sync with each bassdrum hit to make the jumps more audible.
I will set Q in Riffer to a longer value towards the end so that the jump will be clearer visible.

Hi Lapidar,

Thanks for the video. This seems like sync issue. Does it happen only when you have a looped region in your DAW or when running with the DAW timeline too?

Also, which is yor Bitwig version?

Thanks for your fast reply.
It is Bitwig 4.4.3 and it does NOT happen, when I switch loop region off an let run.

Innteresting: I just noticed when I switch song tempo down to 120bpm it seems to run fine also in the loop…no more skipping. (In the video, tempo was 122bpm)

Thanks for the information. It is definitely an issue on our side and has to do with the sync engine among various DAWs. We will check and correct with an update.