Riffer 3.1.1 does not store pitch range - Bitwig Studio 4.3.7

I am generating a new project in Bitwig and load Riffer into it.
Then I set a pitch range like this:

When I save the project, restart Bitwig and reload the project the range is set back to default:

Tested with different projects and even a new project with just Riffer in it…

It works with Riffer VST2 plugin.
Seems to be a problem only with VST3.

I generated a new project with one instance of Riffer VST2 and another instance of Riffer VST3.
The VST2 version shows the correct range after reopening the project.
The VST3 version does reset to default.

Win11 OS.

Hi @Lapidar,

Thank you for reporting this. We were able to recreate this and our developers will fix it with the next quick update.

Thanks for your patience.

Thank you, @katerina!

how do I get to know when a new version of Riffer is out?
I normally check my Downloads area from time to time, but the Riffer Download button does not show a version number like the other apps:

All the latest versions are included here: Latest Software Updates | Audiomodern

For upcoming updates, you will also be notified via our newsletter and social media.

We’ll also update the Download button for Riffer to show the version number :slight_smile:

Thanks again for info and link! Much appreciated!

I have the exact same problem with Riffer in Bitwig, latest version is already installed. Everytime I open a project, the canvas is blank, as @Lapidar posted above.