Playbeat, Playbeat 3 and Riffer sync problems

On the audiobus forum we researched the sync behavior of AUv3 midi generator plugins, please have a look at the thread

We found out that the root cause is a missing sample-offset in the AUv3 midi message send to the host. (That playbeat 3 doesn‘t use the host‘s midi connection is a different bug report) .

In the thread you find i depth description on how to check for that error (i offered an AUM and AudioBus session) and Corne Driesprong (dev of polybeat and cycle) offered a link to a git containg the source for correct midi sessaging including the sample-offset.

We messages your AudioModern moniker several times on that thread, but you didn‘t react - that‘s why i repost the problem over here on your own forum.

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Hello _ki,
Timing issues for Riffer have been fixed. Kindly update to the latest 3.1.3 version.

Thanks a lot for the fix :+1:t3:

my tests confirmed that Riffer v3.1.3 computes the correct sample-offsets and stays in sync even for a buffersize of 2048.


Please also update PlayBeat 3 with the new midi timing code.

Glad to hear that,
Playbeat 3.1 is coming really soon with lots of new features as well. :+1:

Someone in the AudioBus forum thread linked above discovered a drift problem which i could confirm using his AUM session. After 200 bars, Riffer was about 1/16 off. The drift only happened in AUM and not in apeMatrix or Audiobus.

The mysterious thing is that when setting up different sync tests with Riffer versus X0X in AUM, the timing seems to be 100% okay even at 200 bars. I need to investigate further.

That‘s why i removed the initial replay with details

Thanks for the additional information. We will definitely run some more tests.

Could you please send the AUM dev (Jonatan Liljedahl, a promo code for Riffer.

He offered his help to investigate the difference between the two seemingly similar AUM sessions with/without riffer drifting that i posted in the AB forum thread.

Hi, promo code has already been sent!

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Where is this Riffer 3.1.3 version? I have just downloaded what appears to be the latest version available and it indicates it is 3.1.1

Hello David, I hope you’re doing well.

Could it be that you are checking the latest Desktop version and not the iOS version?
Version numbers for the two different systems are not always the same, especially when there are minor fixes needed for one of the two platforms.


I am sure that is exactly what is going on :slight_smile:

Thanks… by the way, when will Riffer for Desktop get an update? I am waiting for the ‘keyboard icon’ to be able to be MIDI mappable.

David Fodel
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PlayBeat 3 has the same issue, if i turn of the plugin and reopen it when loop it playing in a DAW, the Playbeat it not synced

Playbeat 3.1.7 VST3 has the SYNC issue on

  • Windows 10
  • Bitwig 4.0.7
  • Jack audio 0.9.4 via MOTU Ultra Lite mk3 (external sound Card)

example: (that hearable issue its not the groove, its with all presets the same )

Hello @nwsm ,
Thank you for sharing the video. It was very helpful.

We were able to recreate it only with Bitwig and our developers will start working on it today.
Thanks for your patience.

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