Playbeat, Playbeat 3 and Riffer sync problems

On the audiobus forum we researched the sync behavior of AUv3 midi generator plugins, please have a look at the thread

We found out that the root cause is a missing sample-offset in the AUv3 midi message send to the host. (That playbeat 3 doesn‘t use the host‘s midi connection is a different bug report) .

In the thread you find i depth description on how to check for that error (i offered an AUM and AudioBus session) and Corne Driesprong (dev of polybeat and cycle) offered a link to a git containg the source for correct midi sessaging including the sample-offset.

We messages your AudioModern moniker several times on that thread, but you didn‘t react - that‘s why i repost the problem over here on your own forum.

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Hllo _ki,

We are aware of the tread and thanks so much for creating it. It is our top priority to see what is causing this behavior and correct it with one of our upcoming updates.


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