Playbeat 3.1.5 not in sync with Bitwig

Hello there!

I’m having an issue using Playbeat v 3.1.5 in Bitwig v 4.2.5.

No matter which preset i choose, after some seconds playbeat looses sync to the bpm.

When I’m running a simple loop with a kick on each bar in Playbeat, set a loop region of 16 bars in Bitwig and activate Bitwig’s internal click, after some loops “Playbeat” jumps out of sync. Sometimes earlier after 3 or 4 loops, sometimes later after 12 or 14 loops, sometimes even later. Running Playbeat in standalone-mode, with the Bitwig click simultaneously, there seems to be no problem. Just when using Playbeat inside Bitwig.

Here is a little demo to demonstrate the issue:

[Playbeat sync issue - YouTube] - Playbeat sync issue - YouTube

Anyone having a similar problem?

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Hello MarcMont,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that. Can you pease tell me which is you Project Sample Rate?
Does switching to either 48/44.1 fix the issue?

Also, is this happening only when you have a region looped in your DAW?

Hi Audiomodern!

Thank you for getting back.

I used 48kHz in the project, with a Buffer size of 1024. First I switched from 48kHz to 44.1, but the problem remained.

Now i am using 44.1 kHz at 512 buffer size, which seems fine.

And correct, the issue is only present when looping a region in my Bitwig.


Came to report the very same problem. Only happens in Bitwig with a bar loop selected, it’s fine with anything longer than a bar. And it’s going out of sync on the third cycle of a bar loop for me.

Could this be a problem with BW 4.3.4 update? It’s been a few weeks since I opened PB in BW and it was fine in 4.3.2.

Hi fstop!

I am still using Bitwig v4.2.5, so i can’t tell about v4.3.4 or any other version after “mine”… but for me it varied when the loop went out of sync, not always at the same time.