Playbeat resets Output notes with Smart Algorithm

I use M1 Macbook Pro 2020, FL studio 21, Apple Silicon Native VST3. When I use Smart random, Output MIDI resets to C3 even with locked note output and locked pitch tab.
Just watch screen recording

Hello Andrey,

The midi output is changed in ‘smart’ mode because this mode ignores the fixed selector of each variable (density, pitch, flam, etc), and just takes the value from the smart presets.

This can already be addressed with the current version by locking the pitch for all tracks only when using it as midi controller to control other apps.

We will make it possible to Lock from the main button in midi outputs tab with our next update.

Thank you for your reply! If I got you right, I think that locking pitch doesn’t work now. If I lock every step or channel in the pitch tab, it locks all steps or channels for every tab and then Smart randomize doesn’t make sense because everything is locked. Maybe you mean something different

I’m talking about locking the Pitch tab entirely using the lock button here:


and without the “Lock MIDI Outputs” button engaged in the midi outputs tab.

Ah, really, turning off the outputs lock was the solution, merci :heart:

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Hello! Is everything working correctly? I’m using 3.2.6

Hello Andrey,

We can’t replicate this. Is this the VST or VST3 version of the app?

As I see that you are using the ‘SMART’ mode, Could you please send us a few of your Smart presets so we can try and replicate your setup?

You can create a custom pack and send it to us here:

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Submited a request