Playbeat 3 IOS - Smart mode changes midi note output, mute toggle problem

Hi there,
New user on IOS (Air 5th gen, AUM as host), having a few problems:

  1. Whenever I smart mode randomize a preset, the fixed (per settings) midi output notes change/transpose, up to C3 I think. Also happens when pitch is locked via the red button. I’ve reset my smart tags, no difference.
  2. Midi button toggle behavior is weird. Using LaunchControl XL. Ex: Track Mute. App function set to button in settings, toggle on the LC. Works fine to toggle a single track mute on/off, but a press on a subsequent track mute button will do nothing for a full on/off cycle, then will come on press 3 and work normally.

Thank you.

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About first one. I reported the same bug but in macos. Yesterday I reinstalled everything including macos and tried smart mode but it’s still here. Tech support said they can’t reproduce it, but I think they are doing something wrong in reproducing it because this bug has been here since the smart mode was introduced.