Playbeat can’t save more then 3 samples in a preset on ipad

When working with playbeat on the ipad after loading samples and saving the preset when you press the drowpdown menu of the preset it gives an errormessage “failed to load preset with name: projectname” and all the samples will have been removed.

First i thought my homemade samples might be at fault, but i found that this also occurs when using playbeats default samples. Some more testing showed that this occurs after the fourth sample is loaded, so technically one could make a preset with only for samples loaded and it would save fine but after that it will give the previous metioned error message. Also the smart randomizer wont work when in one of these “faulty” presets. I tested this behavior on my new 2022 1tb M2 ipad pro and on my older second gen 254gb ipad pro.

Is this a known bug or am i at fault? I tried reinstalling but it keeps showing this behavior.

Tnx in advance for your consideration!

Hello Svhattum,

Are you using the latest 3.2.3 update?

Yes, i’m using version 3.2.3 on both devices. Additionally when loading one of these presets i get the error message “the following audio samples are missing or invalid: “

This definitely shouldn’t happen. Could you please:

  1. delete the app completely (make sure you make a backup of your patterns as pack(s)
  2. Restart your iPad
  3. Re-Install the app?

I’ve done as you asked me. On the M2 ipad i imported back my packs and samples to test and on the gen2 ipad i used the stock samples. Both still exhibit the same behavior. After saving more then 3 samples in the preset it gives the error message only when looking at the preset through the dropdown menu.

Edit: i edited this message because on both devices i now only get the error message when using the dropdown menu of the preset.

Additionally: when opening the preset all the sounds seem to get loaded but opening the dropdown menu of the preset will still result in an error and none of the loaded samples showing in the list.

Is that happening on a specific preset, or all presets?

If you load a pack which you haven’t loaded before, do you still have the same problem?
You can check our available packs here: Creative Expansion Packs for Playbeat | Audiomodern™

It only happens when adding samples, stock or imported ones, to self made presets. It doesn’t happen with the factory presets or when using packs from the site.

To be clear: when i press the dropdown arrow to look at the samples in one of the factory or downloaded presets, i can see all the samples in the list of the preset pack. When i do this with user made packs, after adding more then 3 samples and saving, after using the drowdown arrow for the preset i get the error message and the list with samples will be empty

Thanks for the info. Where are your own samples stored? Are they locally available inside a folder in the files app menu?

Yes, all files are stored locally (so not on icloud or on an external hd but directly on my ipad) in a directory named “samples” that is accesible from the files app. The same behavior is exhibited when using the stock drum samples that come with playbeat.

Are you starting creating your own presets from the ‘zero state’ default/empty preset, or editing/re-saving an existing one?

May i please have a video or screenshots showing this problem?

I start from the zero state. I made an example movie in wich i:
1.Start from zero state
2.Load stock samples
3.Save the preset
4.Make a pattern
5.Go back to the preset browser and try to open the dropdown menu to see the samples
6. Get error message
7.load a different preset to reset, then the one created for this test without opening the sample list, because then the samples do get loaded.
8. Remove samples and save until i no longer get the error message (this time 4 samples was the max instead of 3)

Thank you for the video.

At the moment we can not replicate such an issue.
Could you please send some of your preset files so we can inspect them?

You can save the preset(s) as a pack and share the pack with us.
Here’s how you can create a pack: PLAYBEAT 3.0 by Audiomodern | Packs - YouTube

Thanks for your reply and sorry i couldn’t awnser sooner. If you follow this link: Playbeat 3 sample load and smart randomizer bug files - Google Drive
you will find a folder containing:
-1 movie showcasing the sample list not loading bug.
-1 movie showcasing that the sample list does load if there are 4 or less samples.
-1 movie showcasing that the smart randomize function wont work with files that exceed the previously mentioned sample limit but do work when there are no samples stored in the preset.
-a playbeat 3 pack containing the files i made during the filming of these movies.

Please note that these movies and files were made after a fresh reinstall of playbeat. I showcase in the movies that i am on the current version number. My ipad is a 2022 1tb pro with 16gb ram. I am on os 16.4.1.

Please let me know once you are done with the files so i can remove them from my drive

Thanks for sharing these,

We have found the issue which affects certain setups. The presets do load correctly, but the issue is that you cannot see the samples when expanding a preset in the preset list. We will have an update that fixes this issue ASAP.

You may remove the files from your drive now and thanks for your patience with this.

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No problem at all. I love this app and am glad to have been taken serious in my report. Tnx for working with me on figuring this out and i look forward to the update when it drops. You guys rock!

Ah, one more question. Your reply is about the samples not loading. Did you also find out why the smart randomizer won’t work with these files/will it also be addressed in the next patch?

Thank you for your patience,

The issue has been fixed so please expect our 3.2.5 version update to be available on the App Store later on today.

About our Smart algo, do you mean utilizing the MIDI outputs?
See this thread: Playbeat resets Output notes with Smart Algorithm - #4 by Audiomodern

No i was reffering to another bug, shown in the video’s i uploaded. Files that suffered from the adressed bug that did also could not be used with the smart algorythm. It just would not use them. Since the last fix this has not occured anymore. If you are curious you can still see it in the last uploaded google drive file, but as is the bug seems fixed and i am enjoying playbeat again! Thanks for the great work and i am looking forward to future releases :slight_smile:

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