Playbeat 3 Fixed note output resets when randomizer is used on ipad

When using playbeat 3 version 3.2.3. After turning on, changing to the desired notes and locking midi outputs, when the randomizer is used in any form (random, remix or smart) the ui still shows the selected note but the midi note sent defaulted back to c3. manually toggling all the tracks on/off switches will make it send the right note again, but this is very tedious. I tried and replicated this behavior on my ipad pro 2nd gen and my 2022 m2 ipad pro.

Thanks for your consideration.

Which instrument are you trying to “feed” from Paybeat? May I please ask for a video showing this behavior?

The same behavior with random is on my m1 macbook
When I use randomize function the notes just stop playing and I have to switch note on and off
If you need some more information about it, I’ll test and report to you

I have tried with sitala, slammer, skaka, and saga synth. The site wont let me upload videos because i am a new user. How can i best send you the video?

Ive made the movie available for watching on my drive. Please let me know when i can remove it:

Thanks for sharing the video.

It appears this is happening only when ‘Smart’ randomization algorithm is engaged and not in Remix or Full Random. Can you please confirm that?

We will be correcting this with our upcoming update in the next couple of days.
Thanks for your patience.

Yes. It only happens when in smart mode (also when in smart mode with infinity mode on). I was mistaken in thinking it was in all 3 modes in my first post detailing the problem but it is indeed only in smart mode!

Tnx for your time and i look forward to the bug fix. If any additional info is needed i am free to test things.

P.s. can i remove the video from my drive?

Yes, you may delete the video.