Playbeat really needs an option to relocate the library/choose path on install


Windows here. So when you start importing samples and expansion packs etc, the space requirements add up. I tend to keep most of my sample content on a separate NVme drive, not the system drive. But the installer does not give you an option to choose a custom sample folder.

And unless I’m missing it, Playbeat does not seem to give you the option to re-locate the sample folder path after installation either. Even when the dialogue pops up for samples missing after manually moving stuff to a custom folder location, you’d think there’d be an option to find the new folder at least. But it seems we’re stuck with having the sample folder in Documents/Audiomodern.


Hi Atardecer,

I can confirm that we have already added the option to relocate the library and the option to choose a custom sample folder. We’re working on a major update which also includes this feature and hope to have it released soon.

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