Auto Relocate function - Playbeat 3

Firstly, wanted to say I’m really enjoying Playbeat 3.
New to the plugin but not new to making music.

Having moved some projects from my laptop to studio computer, Playbeat 3 as expected has asking for; The Following audio samples are missing or invaild ?

I have tried a manual relocation but this sometimes resets the ‘sample edit’ parameters.

Please could someone/anyone help ?
Is there a simple way to auto-relocate these files?


Hello Mak,

At the moment there is no automatic control to choose a new folder and relocate all audio files within your computer. (We do have this option to our Loopmix app and will be included in our upcoming Playbeat update soon).

However, you have the option to create custom packs and this way you can backup all of your presets and sounds and move them across different computers.

Here’s how this can be done:

Thanks for the reply.
I look forward to the future update.

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