Playbeat Sample IMPORT

Am I missing something or can’t I bulk upload samples? I really want to add my drum samples to Playbeat 3 nut after a couple mins 8kvs had enough of the process. It has to be the worst import proces of any app I use. This ruins what is so obviously a cool app but the tedious sample import lets it down big time. Why can’t I add a folder to the Playbeat 3 folder in the files app and then go to it in the app? That’s the obvious way to add user sample to me. I really want to start making packs for Playbeat 3 and share some of my presets and sounds but this isn’t happening at the moment. I’d be there forever and a day with the current set up. Please tell me this is being looked into

Hello YDRPR, thanks for reaching out.

While in Standalone mode you will find a Playbeat folder that is created in Files app for use in Standalone mode. Unfortunately this method is not available for the AUv3 version due to Apple’s guidelines. Hopefully this will change soon and we’ll gain access to that as well.