Playbeat 3 iPadOS: Drag & Drop sample from File App to any track

Hello @Audiomodern,

Could we please get the Drag & Drop sample file from File App or from Sample Crate one to any track slot from both Sample and Track screen? It would allow us to speed up our workflow?

Thanks in advance for your attention on this request.

Hello Xyl_Run, I hope you are well.

Thanks for reaching out. We’re working on adding this request as well. Next in line will be our upcoming 3.1 which will introduce many new features and hopefully we can add this to the next one.

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I’m fine thank and hope the same for your team.
Excellent news! Great and I’m looking forward to playing with the coming version 3.1 of Playbeat 3. Will we get a more usable AUv3 Multi-output like we have for FAC Drumkit, Hammerhead or Drum Computer for instance please?

Many Thanks for your quick answer as usual :ok_hand:t3::sunny:

Yes, this will be available as well. :+1:

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Perfect! :sunglasses::clap:t3::yum:
Have an excellent weekend!

Hi @Audiomodern
I’d just like to know if this has been implemented yet.
I just bought the app and assumed it would be able to do this.
I might just be getting old but I can’t figure it out. :wink:
Also the manual says there is a button to add a folder but i don’t know if such option is available in iOS - so the drag and drop would be hugely appreciated.

This is definately coming very soon.
Meanwhile, you can either click on the “+” icon on each sample slot to load your own samples, or use the Playbeat folder that is created in the files app and is accessible when using it in Standalone mode.

Thanks for replying @Audiomodern .
Great to know.