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The reason I bought Playbeat, is that I was looking for a pattern creator tool, that gives me plenty randomization options, plenty of patterns within a project file and an overall fun way of being creative.
All this is basically there and possible in Playbeat, but to me it seems , there are quirks that are quite frustrating and really just need some fine tuning to make this plugin perfect and really stand out from it’s competitors.
Here are some requests and suggestions:

Managing Presets and Projects separately:

Possibility to save a project file, that contains all individual patterns, settings and samples of the song I am currently working on.

The project specific Patterns can be renamed in the project’s folder
and don’t automatically get copied to the generell preset folder.

Right now the preset folder gets cluttered with mostly irrelevant presets with every pattern variation I create.

Instead, in the project’s folder give us an icon next to each pattern, with the choice to either „copy all patterns to preset folder“ or „copy this pattern to preset folder“.

So a solution could be the possibility to edit the individual patterns without having to save them as presets every time to make changes/edits permanent. Right now, when I edit a pattern and jump to the next, the edit is lost.
Add the following buttons on the right side to the pattern lane :
Edit, delete, copy, paste and lock, so we can edit the patterns and also their order whenever we want to and the changes are kept and then can be saved by pressing „save project“.

For those who want to save single Patterns directly as presets without saving a project, add
a „save to preset folder“ button along with the other suggested buttons.

The current system of new patterns being automatically saved as a new presets and assigned with numbers to the pattern lane is quite clunky.

To start a new track/Idea, I have to get rid of the presets and their „numbering assignment“ to the pattern lane to start with a blanc canvas.

Having done that, If I want to come back to a track I was working on yesterday , the respective assignment is lost, since I changed it for a new track.
Even starting with a Zero State preset, those assignments remain there.
That to me is utterly frustrating.
Could I have saved a project file, I could simply open it and pick up from where i left it.

Please get rid of the „number display assignment" of presets to pattern slots.
Instead add an icon next to the presets, with the option to
„copy to pattern slot“ - and choose the desired slot.
That way, it would be a momentary assignment instead of
a globally fixed state and the presets don’t permanently carry this
assignment anymore.

it would be great to have 8 pattern Banks with 16 Patterns each. Named A-G and placed left from the pattern lane. The more patterns, the more playground. 16 Patterns are not enough playground.

In the mixer window, please add a Link button next to the 8 track faders, so
all 8 faders can be moved simultaneously, keeping their relative
position to each other. If the mixer settings could be copied between
patterns would be awesome .

Export: Possibility to grab more than just one individual stem at once.
If I have 16 patterns and want to export the individual stems, it’s
painful to grab them one after the other for all the patterns.
So if I could for example click a little check mark on the stems
I want to export at once, would solve the problem and save a lot of time.

It would be a dream if you would consider these suggestions being addressed in a hopefully soon to come update ;.)

Thank You in advance

Hello Frank,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write down your suggestions. With Loopmix we have a new direction of saving ‘remixes’ and variations along with the preset itself which is really close to what you are describing and i can confirm that we are working on to port this over to Playbeat too.

Also, we have developed various new features and additions that will come with our upcoming update.

Stay tuned!

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Hi there,
thank you for your responds. It‘s much appreciated that you listen to the community and it feels good to be heard.
Very much looking forward to the upcoming updates, you‘re describing .
Take care

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