Creating, saving, and recalling presets in Playbeat 3.1.5

New user here. I’m really enjoying the product, but there’s a certain workflow that I’m having trouble with. Here’s what I want to be able to do:

  1. Create and name a preset (samples + pattern)
  2. Copy that preset to a new name.
    3 Edit the new preset (samples and/or pattern) without affecting the original.

For some reason when I try doing this it seems clunky (can’t find a simple way to do step (2) and when I change the samples in the NEW preset, I find that they are changed in the original as well.

Can anyone help with this?


Can you simply save the preset again with a different name?
This way you will have a duplicate which you can tweak without affecting the original.

Let me know if that works for you,

Hi Max, thanks for the response. What I found is that if I change the samples in the new preset, they change in the original preset. I know that this is not correct behavior so I think I might be doing something wrong. Maybe my sequence of clicks isn’t right? I may not be understanding the interface completely.

I think that the problem might be happening when I try to create my new presets by assigning to open preset slots from the pattern screen. If I work in the preset editor screen and use the “save” button only, it seems to work as expected. I will keep working that way and hopefully that will solve it. Thanks again.