Playbeat 3 - Patterns, how to organize?

Started to be an enthusiastic user. Besides the perfect workflow, I love the midi out capability and the internal sounds. The HiHats are fantastic!

When it comes to randomize and pattern storage of the results I feel that the workflow is a bit irritating. There is no way to overwrite or re-arrange patterns. I think this should be updated for Playbeat 3, as for the other fine Audiomodern plugins which offers patterns.

Hello Syngularity, I hope you’re doing well and safe.

Thanks for your feedback.
About overwriting a preset: If you simply click the ‘save’ button (top center of the UI) you can save with the same name, rename or overwrite.

About the Quick Load slots: You may simply press and hold for a moment and it will re-save the pattern there.

About re-arranging the patterns: You can do this via the Preset manager by changing the corresponding number next tot he preset name

Playbeat features a highly flexible preset manager section which includes all the suggested features and many more.

Let me know of these work for you, or if i could help further :slight_smile:

Hi Max, thanks so much your reply and great support!