Improve syncing. ASAP please

I have articulated this in another thread, but i thought it deserved it’s own, as it’s a big problem.

It’s a bit too easy for this plug to get knocked out of sync.

I am experiencing this when I am playing patterns via midi or mouse via quick preset loading.

Unfortunately my experience so far is that it’s guaranteed to go out of sync eventually, after enough triggering, and not a very long time doing it.

I have also experienced this when messing with the groove slider. I seem to remember it happening when messing with the global groove.

I am on Reaper and windows. I am not using the built in audio engine. I prefer to use Tal Drum, as it’s more comprehensive. This problem still occurs if i use the built in engine. I am using at tempos around 172-174bpm, for improvising drum n bass/jungle drums.
I bought Playbeat specifically to trigger patterns easily and reliably.

I have not experienced this with other sequencers i have. Eg. Reaper’s megababy, or loopcloud drum for example.

Sorry to hear about this,

We can’t replicate such a problem especially with Reaper & Win 10 setup.
I assume you are switching patterns via the Quick-Loads slots, are you triggering the changes via MIDI? If so, can you please make sure the notes/changes are quantized?

Excuse the quick and dirty nature of this video

It starts off ok but as you can see it goes out of sync extremely easily, and when i stop playing and have to restart at 18 seconds, you can hear what the beat is supposed to sound like. I have NO odd bar lengths.
I have midi input quantize (1/8) on in Reaper just to be sure. However that shouldn’t make a difference as the patterns are latching, and not triggering from the start. It should just pick up from the current time location, and not throw the whole thing off, right?

It can happen pretty much immediately and is infuriating.

Thanks for the video,
If you record the notes/changes into your Playbeat track and quantize them, you still have the same problem?

Quatizing the notes after gets them synced, yes. But that defeats the nature of what is expected from this software.

here is megababy in Reaper:

It keeps in time with furious switching of patterns.

Thanks for the information,
Then this means that the triggering is out of sync, not the actual playback of the pattern(s).

A ‘latch’ option would be useful then, we can implement this as we have the same functionality on our Chordjam app when triggering Chords.

Thanks for your patience.

Ah great. Yeah, the “latch” thing shouldn’t even be an option. It should just be how it works. With the “option” to trigger from pattern start (with input quantize options for non reaper users.)

Can’t come soon enough sir!

kind regards

Hi dnbhead,
Kindly check the latest version 3.1.7 available here: Latest Software Updates | Audiomodern

Hi Audiomodern,

Thanks for the reply and the update.
My findings with it are good and bad.
It does keep sync with the same kind of rapid pattern triggering as I displayed above.
What’s happening now is that one of the tracks goes out of sync. In my case here, it’s track 4, with a single hi hat on beat 7.
Eventually the patterns’ start point shifts and the hi hat is played late, by a beat. All the other tracks I have playing seem to stay in sync.
It’s not the desired behaviour. Perhaps it’s a track setting i’ve missed?

Could you please share with us this preset so we can try and replicate?
You may simply create a Custom pack with this preset and share it with us.

2= snare
3=cl hat
4=open hat

after randomly clicking around on the quick load slots, it’s the open hat in slot 6 (preset: gateman) that ends up out of sync.

Thanks for sharing, this appears to be an empty pack, can you please make sure you drag your preset(s) into the pack before exporting it?

Ah, whoops. I have replaced the file. Should work now. There are no samples as it is triggering Tal drum.