Sync issues with Playbeat 3.1.1 in Studio One 5.5.1

I am using the demo of Playbeat 3.11 in Studio One 5.5.1 and I always have to go back to the start to get Playbeat to sync with the song.

If I stop at a random part of the song and restart Playbeat is out of sync.

If I position the playhead on a bar line in Studio One Playbeat seems to start on the second beat of a pattern but if I place the Studio One playhead on the second beat of the bar Playbeat is then in sync, it seems pretty random but the only way to be sure that everything is in sync is to start the song from the beginning which is obviously very frustrating.

I saw another post with a similar issue and was wondering if it will be corrected soon as this is the only thing stopping me from buying it.

Hello Rick,
Thanks for reaching out. That is correct, we have fixed this problem in version 3.1.5+ as we are using an updated Sync engine for the Full version. We need to provide a more up-to-date trial version. We will do so the soonest.

Stay tuned.

Excellent, thank you.