Playbeat 3 random very loud static in Logic Pro X

Just bought Playbeat - looks great - and going through the expansion pack presets. Had several instances of sudden, random, extremely loud static noise in right headphone after I load a preset and set it playing for 1-2 rounds. Noise lasts about 5 seconds then fades out (so loud it hurts my ear and makes me rip my headphones off - actually afraid to use it now as I don’t know when it might happen again) Uninstalled and re-downloaded and reinstalled Playbeat, deleted Logic prefs and cache, still happened again twice at random. I have heaps of other plugins (including drum machines) and have not experienced anything like this before.
Also seems to be a bug in auditioning the presets in the preset bowser - some stop playing after a few seconds, some don’t. Not sure if there is any connection between these issues?
Thanks for your help
Playbeat 3.2.4, Logic Pro 10.7.8, Mac M1 OSX 12.6.6

Hello PeterMZ,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that, this shouldn’t happen.
Is this happening also in standalone mode or only in Logic Pro?

Thanks for the quick response!
I rarely use standalone plugins as I do all my music in Logic.
However after your question I did try standalone Playbeat and was not able to replicate either issue in 10 -15 minutes of playing. I think that’s pretty definitive re the issue of presets not auditioning consistently in Logic. But can’t be so sure about the static issue as it really is very random in Logic (like once every 20 minutes?)
Also I have not taken note of the exact preset I get the static on every time, but I do know that maybe 2-3 times, I’ve noticed the preset was “Angry Box Puncher”. Maybe a corrupted preset?
(However this was not the only preset that didn’t audition consistently.)

Thanks for the info,

I assume that this has to do with Logic Po then. Are you able to tweak/change the I/O buffer size via Settings (or Preferences)? This will most probably eliminate such an issue.

Thanks. I’ve never had to change the I/O buffer from the default of 128 samples for any other plugin, but I upped it to 256 and could not replicate the noise issue so hopefully that’s fixed that one.
However the preset audition issue still happened at 256. So I upped the I/O to the max of 1024 samples and the issue was still there (when I press the play button to audition a preset in the preset window, I assume it should playing until I press the play button again, or play a different one, but at random, presets stop playing without me doing anything.)
(BTW, this is my first time on this forum, and I’m impressed with your quick responses, thanks)

Thanks for the information and apologies for the late reply.

Is the preset audition issue happening both in Logic and in Standalone mode too?

Thanks for the reply. This issue does not happen in standalone mode, only in Logic. I assume its not an I/O buffer issue as I tested on the max buffer of 1024 samples and it still happened. I can workaround it by auditioning the presets in the main window, where everything works fine, just not as convenient to do it this way.
Playbeat 3.2.4, Logic Pro 10.7.8, Mac M1 OSX 12.6.6

Thanks form the info,

We will run some tests to determine what is causing this behavior in Logic Pro and correct with a quick update. Thank you for your patience.

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Same thing happens also in Cubase, sometimes right channel only, sometimes both. I only use plugin mode, did not try standalone.
Thanks for looking into this.
Playbeat 3.2.0 and 3.2.4, Cubase 11.0.30, Win10

Hi pss,

Have you tried to adjust your buffer settings?

Tried up to 1024, same result. Could consistently trigger the noise by switching between presets with samples while playing an 8 bar loop on repeat. Today only the right channel clipped, and for a few seconds, signal on the right channel cut out (only once).
Also eliminated all other VSTis except Playbeat from the project, still clips.
Playbeat 3.2.4, Cubase Pro 11.0.41, Win10

Do you have the same problem in Standalone or in another DAW, or only in CB 11.0.41 ?

I don’t use standalone or any other DAW

Sure, but can you please test as we need to determine if the issue is produced in Cubase only?

I had the same issue with Playbeat 3.2.4 in Ableton Live 11.3.4 Suite today (AUv3 and VST3) – it was gone after restarting my Mac… Need to investigate further what the cause might have been.

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Did some more testing:

  • With the plugin, the meter on the right channel goes into full overload for like 10-30 seconds (feedback?) then dies away, this happens quite often, always right channel
  • most times there is no noise coming from the speakers; overload like 50 times, actual noise only 2 times so far
  • overload mostly occurs soon after opening a project, but can happen also in between
  • right channel has no sound sometimes, comes back after a few seconds or usually after start-stop (like 3-4 times so far)
  • In one project, the kick drum on slot 2 plays on the right channel once in a while although both kick drums are dead center; usually goes back to center on start-stop
  • Could not find any issues with the standalone version, but there is no channel meter, so it may just not be audible/visible

Thanks for the feedback,

This is strange. Have you tested both VST & VST3?

Yes, same result on VST2 and VST3

Could you please delete the app and do a ‘fresh’ re-installation?

Make sure you also backup your patterns too. Here’s how:

same here. I actually share @pss 's observations. will try to reinstall.