Playbeat 3 glitch when changing pattern preset

I notice a loud glitching sound when changing patterns in playbeat hosted in my DAW
I tried more than one DAW, I tried long buffer settings etc

basically, I have a few preset patterns loaded into the 16 preset slots at the bottom
clicking on them during playback in my DAW causes a glitch
This seems to occur even if no samples are loaded, which might point to a graphical issue
It also occurs if the change in preset is triggered via an assigned midi note - which is how I am controlling changng the preset at the start of a bar in my DAW

This happens in stand alone as well, but the glitch noise is not as loud

I see no cpu / disk or gpu spike in my system monitor when this occurs

Hello dissonate,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that. Can you please tell me if that happens with the Factory presets only or with your own custom presets as well?

Also, what is your OS version?

windows 10, latest patches
I would say the glitch is there with all of the presets
but let me explain
the factory presets can be soundbanks or midi patterns
arrowing through the factory presets at the top of the interface has a small glitch, which is expected, as its loading new samples
what I also have is pattern only presets in the 16 slots at the bottom, after loading a factory preset at the top which changes the sounds, if I flick between pattern only presets at the bottom, which I assume does not reload sounds, I get a bigger glitch than if arrowing through full presets with sounds at the top

This is most noticeable when I cycle at the bottom to a pattern with no steps populated
I have each of these 16 pattern slots mapped to a midi key, so I can swap patterns during a song, including swapping to a pattern with no steps for a section with no drums

Understood, and thanks for the details.

So far we can not replicate such an issue, however as we prepare for our upcoming version 3.1 update next week which introduces a totally new algorithm for randomization, there are also many improvements for loading preset handling that have to do with size & speed, i am sure this will correct the problem.
I can add a reply here once this is available for you to download and update.

Thanks for your patience!