Nudge user sample in Loopmix

Is there a way to nudge a user sample left or right to line up with grid? Vocal samples sometimes don’t start exactly on a beat. There needs to be a way to shift left or right. Didn’t see anything about this in the manual.

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Hello spice3d,
You can click on the ‘offset’ arrows after selecting the appropriate a channel/sequencer. This will move the loop to the right/left. Is this what you’re after?

The offset arrows seem to move in full grid increments. It appears to me that Loopmix analyzes a sample and then tries to fit it to the grid. What if the sample is a vocal with no way to calculate a rhythm? There seems to be no way to manually re-warp or slide in time. Documentation is a bit light in this area.

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I see, Loopmix is designed to work with Loops which have per-determined bpm. And editor would be a welcomed addition, i agree. I’m transferring this to the rest of the team, maybe we can have this soon.