Hello and here is my first question: how to shift complete pattern in Loopmix?

first things first hello to you all here!

here is my first question;
how can i shift a pattern in LOOPMIX without altering the pattern?

Using SHIFT in SEQUENCER alters it as well as OFFSET. Or am i doing something wrong?

thank you!

Hi looptrixx,

Offset in Sequencer should not alter the pattern, it should move the whole beat left/right.
Can you confirm this is working for you?

As far as i testet, it does alter the pattern, for instance created ratchets affect a different part of the loop after OFFSET.

In case i am right, that SHIFT and OFFSET do alter the pattern (which also leads to great results, so please keep them as is) , would it be possible to have a line* above the loops where the playback start can be set in 16ths?

That would be a clear and easy way to be sure, that the sync of individual/all loops to the other tracks in the DAW are set correctly. (*a line above or something like the little flag in ableton, with which you can set the playback start)

I see, a global offset here will work which will move the Loops + the Tab effects. We can add this option.

thank you, great! wonderdul plugin, it became my fav loop mangler within 2 days

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