Loopmix: Not all samples fall on the grid

Hey there,

it seems that Loopmix automatically stretches the wave file so the transients don’t fall on the grid any more.
I attached a screenshot, where you can see a created a 4 bar loop of mine, which was quantized on the transients. Everything falls neatly on the grid.
The second one is where I shorten the sample about a few beats.
And the third one I lengthened about one bar.

As you can see the 2nd and 3rd one doesn’t fall on the grid anymore :frowning:

In consequence you have to slice up your samples precisely, render and maybe normalize it in order to get a useful result in loopmix.

It’ll be really helpful if there is some kind of transient detection and furthermore a timestretch algorithm which places them neatly on the grid.

Or maybe a manual option where the off set is adjustable in finer increments for the whole sample and for each segment.

Otherwise it’s a great creative plugin but this kills the workflow for me

a little bit :grimacing:

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Hi SeeYNoon,
Loopmix is designed to work with Loops of 1,2,4,8 bars and so on , up to 1 minute in length. You do not need to normalize the audio files, but the loops must have determined bpm so that our engine can analyze them automatically upon importing them to the sequencer(s) ,it is how the app is designed to work.

A Loop editor tab will be a welcomed addition, we can definitely try adding this to our new updates.

Ah alright I get it. A pitty that some loops don’t carry this information.

But yeah the loop editor will be much appreciated :wink:

Have a good one and thanks for the reply.