Loopmix question / feature request

Loopmix is really fun, I was wondering if possible could the looping have a resample mode rather than time stretch? Often when looping drums I use varispeed or resample so the transients remain the same, like on Maschine, the plugin calculates how much to slow or speed up the loop and then you have a less time stretched sounding loop.

Hi action,

Thanks for reaching out. This has been asked by a few other users too, we will se if/how we can implement it to upcoming updates.

I know this is an old request, but I would also like to +1 for this. Currently, we’ve got to export the loop into whatever DAW (in my case, Ableton) and change the stretching mode there, but if we need to tweak the sample, we have to go back in to Loopmix, make our edits, re-export, etc. Definitely feels like something that should exist within the plugin considering it’s main purpose is dealing with loops, and we don’t always want to stick to the BPM the loops were created at. That sort of limits the creativity of what we can do with them.