Loopmix: quantize! and have fun

I imported a tabla loop into Loopmix which was not strict on the grid, they call it “groove” or “feel” or “swing”. In all these cases, Loopmix is not at ease when applying its powers, for instance pitch shifting sounds weird because it is performed on a hit and also to a part of the following hit, and you don’t want this. I understood that slices in Loopmix are created regularly on the grid, no other chance so far. Hence I quantised the audio in my DAW and then imported a regular tabla loop into Loopmix. I also had other drums and melodic percussive, every loop quantised before entering Loopmix. Pressed the red button, and a big smile came on my face, I would have never thought. Loopmix may not be the best loop player, but it is certainly the most inspiring!
So my suggestion for newcomers as me is: quantize before,and have fun with the red button…

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Hi fcaroson,
We will be working on adding the option to adjust the grid of the sequencers.

Stay tuned!


Thanks for all your answers, I’ve seen others have asked as well the adjustable grid, this time I wanted to write a positive post since you deserve it, you did a big job and, once everything is in place, the random button is truly inspiration! I could not stop producing beautiful variations.

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Yes this tool is amazing and love the work you guys have put in … but a quantise button would be fantastic and/or grid adjustment … thank-you :slight_smile: