Loopmix v1.1.3 - Hard crash when accessing Settings Icon (Gear)

Opened LoopMix 1.1.3 this morning - went to access the Settings icon (Gear) - hard crash.

Checked in Event Viewer - here is what I see:


No major changes to the DAW in the last few weeks outside of standard Windows Patch Tuesday stuff in the second week of Feb 2024.

I also uninstalled Loopmix completely (including deep removal all registry keys and extraneous files) and reinstalled clean - the end game is the same.

Running Windows 10 Pro 22H2 - no other oddities or issues to relate with any other software at this time. Studio One and all other VST Plugins and instruments are normal.

Over to you guys.


Hi SonicMojo,

Which version is producing this problem? Standalone, VST or VST3?

I was able to fix this issue.

Turns out to be some sort of conflict with the standalone – vs the VST3 – AFTER changing the Sample Library Location.

For some context - I moved the Sample Library location (in the standalone) to a custom folder some weeks ago and all was fine until yesterday.

Today – I loaded up the VST3 version of Loopmix in Studio One and was able to access the Settings area just fine.

In the VST version however – the Sample Library Location had reverted back to the default (Documents\AudioModern\Loopmix). This was expected after the uninstall/reinstall yesterday.

What was not expected is that the Standalone did not know what was going on – even AFTER a reinstall – where I click the Settings gear and Loopmix crashes – instead of AT least displaying the default Sample Library Location.

To fix: I repointed the Sample Library location (from within the VST3) to my custom location and exited Studio One. I then fired up the Standalone and was able to access Settings again.

I did need to completely rebuild my Sound packs by deleting all the existing files that were in my custom location from weeks ago and then using the Add Pack function on Loopmix to put them all back so they appear correctly in the Load area.

Everything is working perfect now – but it appears that it is possible for the standalone AND the VST3 to both be pointing to different Sample Pack locations – at the same time – possibly leading to this crash I saw.

You may want to consider looking at the initialization logic in LoopMix to ensure that if the Sample Library location was changed in VST3 to a location that is different to what LoopMix last saw in standalone – that they sync up or at least let the user know that these locations are out of sync. And vice versa.



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