Loopmix Crashing Ableton 11.3.2

After updating to the latest Ableton 11.3.2 release I am finding any sets in which I have used Loopmix are crashing Ableton. Looking at the crash reports/log files I see Loopmix is the last VST3 device. And sets in which Loopmix has not been used are opening OK in this latest Ableton release. I have reverted back to Ableton 11.2 in which Loopmix has been working fine, so that I can complete some projects. I will investigate further when time allows.

Hello Jonnystash,

We have received feedback from multiple users who have encountered a similar issue with other apps too in this Live version. We are actively investigating the issue to identify the underlying cause.

Here’s a related thread: Filterstep VST3 Crashing Ableton Live 11.3.2 - #6 by TESmalley98

Thanks for your reply. Great to hear you are looking into this. I love Loopmix and use it consistently so a fix would be great. :grin: