Loopmix AUv3 (iOS) issues. User samples, UX

Hi. Loopmix is a brilliant app, but I Have a problem with iPad version.

  1. I have my loops collection and load them in Loopmix Shared Samples folder. When i use Loopmix as standalone app I see my samples and can work with them. But when I use Loopmix as AUv3 in any host (AUM, Beatmaker, Garageband) I can’t see samples, Loopmix shows that Shared Samples folder is empty. This issue makes Loopmix impossible to use.

  2. When Iam working with Presets&Packs/Sample menu I can scroll up/down through samples by holding little bar. It is so small and for me it’s impossible to catch it. Please can you add ability to scroll by holding any place of samples/packs window?

Thanks for your help in advance.

And additional screenshot with scroll bar

Hi Timmy, I hope you’re doing well.

Thanks for reaching out. Indeed we have identified an issue that prevents this folder to be accessible via the AUv3 version, although in Standalone works perfectly. This has to do with the latest Apple SDK in conjunction with our coding framework, JUCE.
We are working for a solution soon as well as introducing AudioShare compatibility.

Meanwhile, If you don’t wish to load/browse samples through the sample slots, i would simply suggest to move your Packs from the standalone version to the AUv3.

Here’s how the Expansion Packs work: PLAYBEAT 3.0 by Audiomodern | Packs - YouTube

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