Loopmix - Randomize single track's steps

It would be great if we could randomize a single track when it comes to the steps being ON or OFF. The only workaround, which involves extra work, is to load a second loop and muting it.

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That is because the ‘Sequencer’ tab is one engine buy itself which calculates steps across all sequencers, so it is made by design.
If you only have one single loop loaded, which steps should be on or off? What should be the ideal logic behind that in your opinion?

You just said it yourself: some will be on and some will be off. That’s the whole logic behind it. The developers would be able to figure out a randomization algorithm that just says “randomize the ON/OFF state of each step”.
When only 1 row is present, instead of comparing 2 or more rows, it just compares it against itself.

The engine is designed to randomize the steps of the loaded loops, regardless if they are only two loaded or a complete set of 6 loops, the engine will perform accordingly.

Having just one loop loaded, we’re not sure what exactly to randomize, as it will no longer perform polyphonic gate sequencing variations.

It seems that you’re after a single-track gate sequencer with randomization options, and we already have an awesome free one you can use:

I believe you are making it more complex than it actually is.
The fact that the plugin “works this way” doesn’t mean it can’t be changed and improved. I have Logic Pro X and it comes with a sequencer. I can randomize all tracks and steps or I can randomize just a single track. This is not something new in the sequencing world.

I have Gatelab as well, but this is about Loopmix, not another plugin added to the mix. Does Gatelab have the Density, Re-Arrange, Reverse and Pitch features? No. Am I able to save the loop (audio file) and the sequence together? No. So why recommending another plugin, when the goal is not the same? Those are 2 different plugins with 2 different features.

Again, the developers would easily implement this by just randomizing the on and off state of each step. If you are not willing to implement it, just because that’s how the plugin was created, etc, that’s a different thing. But making it sound as if it’s a super complex thing to implement… it’s just weird to me.

We aim to improve our polyphonic gate sequencer functionality and at the moment we do not have any plans to add single-track gate effects to Loopmix.

We can port some of Gatelab’s features when there is a single Loop loaded though. It should be easy but it will completely change the randomization mode on the sequencer tab once only one loop is loaded.