Loopmix: How to turn off randomization completely?

Testing the demo.

Before I allow randomization, i want to have none…

I’ve clicked on every padlock and everything else i can, but i cannot get it to stop varying things.

How do i get it to just play the loops without any alterations?

Hi dnbhead,

Which Tabs will process audio effects and which not, is determined by these buttons here. You can engage/disengage them to bypass any randomization.

Additionally, if you want to reset each of them (or all of them) this can be done by these buttons here.

Thanks i did that but i’m still seeing wave forms changing.

Is it possible that you simply see the wavefroms refreshing if they are more than 2/4 bards long?
You can tweak this via the ‘trim’ button located at the track controls.

Here’s our complete walkthrough which explains each section in detail: LOOPMIX by Audiomodern | Complete Overview - YouTube

yep, that’s it! Thanks.