Loopmix not "locking" individual tracks

Unlike PlayBeat, when I select one of the 6 tracks and I hit the big Random button (or even the Sequencer tab to randomize the sequence), all steps get randomized, unless I lock them on the right hand side.
Picking the Mono or Poly option doesn’t change the behavior.

One suggestion, regardless of this “bug”, is to add a button that locks every track except the one we want to manipulate. Right now, we have to lock 5 tracks in order to make some changes to a single track, then unlock them. One button next to each track would lock all other tracks except that single track.

Hi, i assume that you mean the ‘sequencer’ tab is being randomized and not the rest of the ‘effects’.
This is because the gate sequencer is one engine and it affects all sequencers unlike the rest of the tabs.

Can you confirm that is the case?

I don’t think that’s the issue.

If I select track 1 for example and I go to the Volume tab and I hit the 3 dots to randomize it, it only randomizes the Volume on that track 1.
When I do the same on the Sequencer tab, it randomizes all steps on all 6 tracks, instead of just track 1. The same thing for when I hit the Reset button. All steps on all 6 tracks are deleted.

Look at how all the other tabs do what they’re supposed to for that track 1. The Sequencer is the only one that behaves the wrong way. If this is, for some reason, the normal behavior, then the randomize and reset buttons should be disabled.

Kapture 2022-11-25 at 13.44.03

So far, I don’t see any way to just randomize or reset the steps for an individual track without removing the loop/sample as well using the button on the right, which is not the desired behavior.

This is the correct behavior, our polyphonic gate sequencer affects all of the sequencers both on mono & poly modes. Especially in mono, we wouldn’t have a choice to do otherwise.

Why should the randomise/reset buttons be disabled? It is the only way to randomize the sequencer, unless you disengage the rest of the tabs via the on-off button at the right of each tab, which is many more clicks to get there.

You also have the option to reset each of the tabs separately while keeping the gate sequencer settings as is.