Probability for sequencer steps

I’m really loving using this on iOS and will likely grab it on desktop as well soon as it seems great on both platforms. I use it mainly for relatively subtle variations, I have a lot of recordings of homemade valve oscillators that are really good fun to sequence as rhythms, mostly staying consistent as beats with the app shuffling the samples underneath for variation. One thing that would really enhance this would be for each step that’s activated to have a probability of firing; default to 100% but easily tweakable so that they drop out every so often.

Would this be a good thing in other’s opinions? A few on Audiobus agreed when I mentioned it there. A few are also asking about different lane lengths for polyrhythms which would also be very useful for more variated outputs…



Hello Chris, I hope you’re doing well.

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback for Loopmix. Over the last week we have been gathering feedback and suggestions from our users, i can confirm that both suggestions have already been requested and we will make sure they will be added & delivered soon.

Stay tuned as new updates roll out.

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That’s great Max, nice one for letting me know, I didn’t spot them in the forum so thought it worth mentioning publicly :raised_hands::pray:

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