Randomising one parameter in one lane, but not in another

OK, getting my head around Loopmix. Great so far. But I’m having trouble with randomising some parameters but not others.

I have 2 lanes going. If I select only one lane on the left and randomise in the Re-arrange Tab, then only the selected lane is randomised, i.e., the control only applies to that lane. That seems to work fine for all the tabs (Reverse, Density etc.) but for some reason, doesn’t work like that for Sequencer. With that, if I only have one lane selected and randomise from the Sequencer Tab, the other lanes’ Sequence are also randomised, as if I’ve done it with the big red knob. What am I missing here?

Hello Stretch,

Thanks for reaching out. That is true, of all the Tabs, the ‘Sequencer’ has a separate engine. It is a polyphonic gate sequencer not meant to be randomized separately but globally as it is automatically calculates the amount of Loops that are used in a preset.

Moreover it is designed to work in mono/poly modes and you may choose the algorithm by the three different modes: Subtle, Normal & Complex.