Add sample per step feature

I have just sent a support request as I was not aware of the Audiomodern forum, but I have just recently purchased Playbeat and Loopmix and finding them awesome tools.

I also own a Polyend Play and have used an Elektron Digitakt in the past, both these have the ability to load a different sample per step and I cannot see anyway currently in Playbeat 3 if this is possible?

It would be awesome if this feature could be implemented, also the Polyend Play has some awesome randomisation features (like randomly select different samples on selected steps) and a number of different play modes , i’m assuming both units use a sample pool buffer, I think the Polyend can have upto 200 different samples loaded into memory and then the Randomisation algorithms pull from these, it would be very cool to see these in Playbeat, I cant think of any software that does this currently?

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I think you can find some workarounds with using midi key switches and working with Atlas for example

Thanks, yeah, i’ve read you can possibly use midi cc’s to do this, but i’d rather it be a direct feature within Playbeat itself both via standalone and as a plugin.

I can use the Polyend Play to make constant random sample changes per step to the same loop, and create unlimited different loops with the same or different pattern and layer these together, it’s freaking awesome.

If Playbeat was able to do this too, along with the Play’s track play modes & randomisation, it would be on another level workflow wise to be able to do this directly in a DAW.

Hi troxx,

As we are working on V4 for Playbeat, we will check that feature and see if we can port this over with the new update.