Loopmix - Lock loop speed

I noticed that the loop speed can’t be locked (or at least I can’t see how to), which is super counter productive, because if I have a bunch of loops that I want at x2 the speed, I have to manually change them.

Another issue, still related: when I’m at 120 bpm and I import a loop, it sets the loop speed to x2 and plays it at their normal speed. If I set the tempo to 128 bpm, the same loop is set to x1 and plays it at half the speed they’re supposed to. So I then have to go and change the speed manually. Now if you have 6 loops and you hit the randomize button to randomize the loops, you can see where this is going: completely waste of time and a bad workflow, because now I have to adjust their speeds one by one.

Am I missing something when it comes to this and is it possible to lock the speed?

Hi iamdannywyatt,

This is happening because Loopmix calculates the loop speed automatically upon importing. The same calculations take place when you randomize loops.

Also keep in mind that the loop speed is adjusted based on the loop length as well, so it is a complex calculation based on various aspects of the audio file that is being imported.

Although it can’t be 100% accurate, most of the times it sets the correct loop speed so you won’t have to edit each and every loop when importing them.

I will assume that in this specific case with the loops that you are importing this doesn’t work so a lock there would help. It will be added.