Loopmix - How do I change the length?

I loaded up one of the presets just to see how this thing works, and it’s pretty cool so far. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to shorten the loop from 2 pages, to 1. When it gets done playing the first page, it jumps to the 2nd page (I can see some of the waveforms change), but I don’t want it to be that long. Every other Audiomodern tool can change the length quite easily, but this one apparently has some hidden magical button I can’t find. Anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks in advance.

Edit: The more I look at it, the more I’m not sure this is “pages” having to do with length, or what, but every time the loop restarts, I can see the waveforms change. The reason I’m realizing it’s not a new page is because whatever changes I make in terms of loop selection on the first “page” also carry over to the 2nd. I have no idea what is going on when that loop resets. So weird.

Edit 2: Apparently, enabling “Trim” for all tracks does what I want. Keeps the loop from changing when it repeats. Works for me.

Edit 3: So, am I correct in thinking that the longer the loop, the more times the waveforms will update when it gets to the end of the first part? But even when it gets to the 2nd part of the loop, it maintains the selections you made for the first part? If that’s the case, that seems… broken. There would be no reason to ever use more than a 4 bar loop, because the 2nd half would just be out of whack.

Hi nrthbound,

Thanks for reaching out. That is correct. Loopmix has been designed to maintain a fixed sequencer array regardless of the loop length that it is imported. What is presented in the main screen works always in conjunction with the sequencer speed (1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc.) & Loop Speed (X1, X2 etc.) which may result in the same Loop having only 1 part or in other settings more than 4. (Keep in mind that Loopmix allows Loop import up to 1 minute in length)

This is by design and is the concept of the app. In future updates we might be able to introduce multiple editable sequencer parts. At the moment you may easily create sequencer remixes and trigger them according to the various loop lengths using the bottom keyboard remix keys.

This seems like a bug. If I have a loop, and the 2nd half of the loop has silence, or a weird fill, or something like that, I can’t not use it because you don’t have any control over that. You simply get whatever slice you selected for the first half of the loop, which severely limits the potential of this plugin. I search for an hour in the plugin before I realized this was by design, and it’s maddening. It should treat each 4 bars as a separate page, so if a loop goes to page 2, you should be able to change which slices it uses separate from page 1.

It is not a bug, Loopmix has been designed to provide a main sequencer tab where the sequencer speed & Loop Speed settings determine when a session will have more than 1 ‘pages’.
Also, all randomization options are immediately associated with the sequencer view, so it would be very much complicated to drag/rearrange or apply any other randomization effect between several ‘pages’.

As i said you can easily achieve what you’re after by triggering various remixes directly from the bottom remix keyboard/slots as the audio loops do keep their playback position & sync regardless of the effect tab changes.