Defining BPM for Imported Loops?


I’ve imported 5 drum loops into Loopmix from a project so I can create some remixed loops.

They are all at 68bpm, 4 of them are 2 bars long and 1 is 4 bars long.

When I bring these loops into Loopmix (standalone desktop app), it is not correctly identifying the loops as 68bpm… speed controls- 0.5 is way too slow and 1 is too fast.

Is there a way to ‘tell’ Loopmix what the BPM is of imported loops?

Am I missing something obvious??


Loopmix should automatically stretch the Loop(s) to Fit your DAW/Plugin tempo,
You can definitely tweak the Loop Speed by the Loop Speed controls between 0.5/1/2.

If that’s not the case, could you please share the Loops with us so we can inspect what the settings should be? You can share a link via PM.

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I’ve just gone back and looked at the loops again in RX10… turns out I’d exported more than I thought from Ableton… I should have consolidated the loops!

I’ve just trimmed them and refreshed Loopmix… now they’re working fine. :+1: