Revisiting Loop mix: A couple of suggestions

As a fairly seasoned “looper” type, i grew frustrated with Loopmix and it’s workflow, but have returned to give it a 2nd chance.
I need to manipulate bass samples. I have no need for randomization features.
I want to make patterns and trigger them, without any unexpected occurrences.

After revisiting, I still have some workflow issues.

  1. The “remix” keys should simply KEEP changes that are made, without having to right/shift click to save on the relevant remix key note, after an edit is made.
    This was driving me insane before realising it needed to be “saved”, and still drives me insane after discovering this. I just want to edit the pattern/state on a particular active trigger key and be done.

  2. freeze midi input button on the front panel.

When i have midi notes already arranged and triggering patterns (remix keys), and i want to edit a particular pattern, I want to “freeze” the midi input so as i can edit the right one, while the arrangement is playing. A button to stop registering incoming notes would be handy, and prevent the tedium of having to leave the plug in and go about muting midi tracks/notes/stopping transport in order to go about this.

These are my main workflow killers after returning (ok, It also seemed to randomly pitch up a track, but i ll leave that for now- havent got to the bottom of it).