Loopmix Tempo Problem

I’m having trouble getting Loopmix to playback an imported audio file (a clip bounced from Bitwig at 110 BPM with 4/4 time signature and 1/16 notes or longer) at the same tempo as the original. I’ve tried every combination of the two “rate” parameters in Loopmix–the dropdown list just below the Sequence tab (1, 1/2, 1/4…1/64) and the buttons to the right of “Trim On/Off” button (x.25, x.5, x1…x4). Nothing works. Can anyone explain what these two parameters actually do? The documentation is a bit vague. I assumed that choosing “1” for the first parameter and x1 for the second would reproduce my original sound, but it does not. Am I missing something here?

Hello blisshome,

Thanks for reaching out. The sequencer tab (1/2, 1/4, 1/16 etc.) controls the sequencer speed, while the Loop speed is controlled by the speed buttons (x.25, x.5, x1…x4) for each of the loops individually. In most cases Loopmix will automatically analyze and set the correct loop length but this also depends on your DAW tempo.

Can you please share with us the loop so we can investigate?
You can send it to us directly here: https://audiomodern.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Attachment available until Oct 1, 2023

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I love all your tools and appreciate your help with this.

So, sequencer vs loop speed. I get that. I tried, as I said, every combination without success, so here’s the audio file with the hope you can spot what I’m doing wrong. The BPM in Bitwig Studio 5.06 is 110.

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Granite Chimes 3 MS-bounce-7.wav
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Thanks for sending this over. The tempo and sync of the Loop is determined by its length, the file that you sent is not cut in equal looped parts, there are three ‘Bars’ as you can see in the attached screenshot:

I have edited the loop and sent it back via your support ticket so you can check if now the playback is correct.

The abridged (32 bars vs the original 48 bars) file you sent back works perfectly in Loopmix. If I understand this correctly, Loopmix’s algorithm stretches (or rather “unstretches”) my original file into the nearest even multiple of 16 bars.

So, to maintain correct tempo the number of bars in my imported audio file when divided by 16 should result in an even integer or fraction (which explains the sequencer speed and loop speed choices).

Thanks for your time with this. Much appreciated.