Loopmix Drag And Drop in Logic


I’m trying out Loopmix in Logic. I’ve used it in Ableton, and it’s possible for me to drag and drop
audio from either the timeline or the browser. But, when I try it in Logic, it’s not possible. Am I missing something?

Hi Nerldy,

From where exactly are you trying to drag audio from, may i please have a screenshot?

Ok, seems like I can’t attach a video as it would’ve shown it better.

In the screenshot, you can see both arrows from where I’m trying to drag the audio from.

Thanks for the screenshot,

Can you please make sure that these are supported audio files? At the moment Loopmix supports the following file types: WAV, MP3, AIFF, OGG, FLAC & BWF

They’re Apple Loops which are AIF as per their website.

I also tried with the same folder that I drag and drop into Ableton, and I’m having the same problem. These are WAV

I see, is there a setting in Logic then that is preventing the use of Drag n Drop?
Are you able to Drag n Drop into other apps?

I’m not sure. I’m new to Logic too. I’ll search if I have any other app that does drag and drop and give it a test.

It only works now if I run Logic in Rosetta mode. maybe it’s a Logic issue.

Thanks for the information. I was about to propose the same thing, we will do some tests on our side to see if there is any conflict between the two modes.

In future it may be possible to import direct AppleLoops(thats not wave-files) ?