How to import user loops into Loopmix

If I import a user loop into Loopmix does automatically stretch it to the Tempo of the project, does it then split the loop in segments ? Can’t try this on the Demo/Trial

Hi woodsdenis,

Yes, this is done automatically upon importing your loops.
You can check how it is done in our walkthrough: LOOPMIX by Audiomodern | Complete Overview - YouTube

Hi Audiomodern Team,
can you please explain how the import process should work on ios ?
For the standalone-mode i‘m at least able to put folders of my samples to the „shared samples“ directory and then ( randomly) select samples from them. But in auv3 this files are not shown and if i try to load presets which include this samples i‘m gettin errors - files can not be found.

Is it only possible to pick single samples for the slots in auv3 mode?
In this case im not able to pick other samples from this folder randomly.

I hope that i‘m missing something or that this is a bug which can be adressed shortly, otherwise the import concept should really be overthinked…
At the moment its nearly not usable for me at all, because I just want to use it as auv3 and with my own library only, to avoid facoryloops…

Thanks in advance

Hi Rossi,

AUv3 apps do not have access to the shared samples folder in files app, it is restricted by Apple and not by us. You can either load your loops through the sample slots “+” icons, or you can create your packs is standalone > export them and import them in AUv3.

Here’s how you can import/export packs in our apps: PLAYBEAT 3.0 by Audiomodern | Packs - YouTube

Hope this helps!

Hey, thanks for the fast reply…
This is really dissapointing…and it seems that the filemanagement concept is kind of ignored for ios. The Pack export/import isnt a solution for that…
Other auv3 apps are able to choose folders from the filesystem and then let you randomly select the samples from that folder …and this is exactly what the auv3 version of loopmix needs.

Really hoping youre adressing this big limitation somehow…

FAC Drumkit is an good example of how it should/could work…

Hi I watched the video and what I did notice was he added loops at 174 to a session at 174 bpm, there was no indication that if say for example the session was at 120 and loops were dragged in at 174 that they would time stretch. Can you confirm that this is what happens.

Thanks for sharing this, we will check if this can be implemented with the next update.

Yes, all loops are automatically stretched to fit your DAW/Host tempo.

Thanks for the example,
Can’t you access the files app folders via the sample slots “+” icons?

I can access single files this way, but if want to randomize the file (loop) it only choose files from the user-samples instead of the folder where the file come from.

This shouldn’t happen. Which randomize button are you clicking on?