Dragging audio files in Logic to Playbeat?

Hey there. I’m following the tutorials online and find so far I can not drag audio files from the Logic audio audition window into a slot in the Playbeat sample slot in the step sequencer view.

Secondly, I notice that some sequence selection circles are smaller than others and Im not sure why currently. Can you advise please?

Hello Guido,
Could you please explain which is the audio audition window?

About the circles, may i ask for a screenshot?

Audition window. Not sure if it’s called that in logic but it’s the audio library where you can audition sample and then drag them into the arrange window. But with playbeat I can’t drag them as described in the video tutorial.

The circle is smaller. I don’t know why.

Thanks for the screenshot. Are these WAV files? Loopmix is designed to work with WAF files at the moment.

This means that you have locked an ‘empty’ step. Can you confirm that is the case?

That reduces the app’s ability to be included in most workflows. I hope you will develop it to include the most popular audio file formats soon.