My own loops dont work (loopmix)

Loopmix is not that compatible with logic im starting to see.

Forget the drag and drop situation…

My very own self created loops dont work properly. Specifically when I put my loops in loopmix via logic pro I find that the results from loopmix adds a silence to the end of my loops and it sounds weird when played back. It doesnt start back up again on the last sound, theres a pause.

I really wanted this vst to work. But i have this problem and it makes everything i try to use it for useless

Hi rust,
Loopmix is 100% compatible with Logic Pro.

Could you please share with us:

  1. Your audio Loops
  2. Create pack with your problematic presets in Loopmix & export it.

You can share them with us through this form and we’ll help you out.