Importing audio into loopmix from cubase audio track

Im using cubase 12 on windows 11 and I want to import some audio from an audio track into loop mix but I cant actually drag the audio in (I get the ‘no entry’ symbol)
I basically have an audio track and Ive split the audio into 17 bar segments. I want to drag some of these audio segments into the loop mix sequencer but it wont let me. I can import from loopcloud but why not from a cubase audio track ?

Hi PlanetRobot,

Thanks for reaching out. In most DAWs, if not all, the audio files that are laid out on the timeline are not actual audio files, but a temporary waveform that is pointing on the actual file on your drive.
You need to export the files first in order to be able to import them into Loopmix, or any other plugin that can import audio files.

Hope this make sense.

OK, thanks, Ill explore a little bit more, would haver been so much easier to just be able to drag the bit that I want into loopmix, but i guess thats an issue with Cubase, thanks very much for the advice :grinning: