Loopmix - Density randomizing even though it's off

The only tabs with the ON/OFF button turned on is Sequencer and Re-Arrange, yet the Density is randomizing as well, so every time I hit the bit randomize button, I need to go to the Density tab and reset it.
Any idea when this will be fixed?
I saw a few posts mentioning a “new update”, but so far, the version is still stuck on 1.0.1 for a few months now

This shouldn’t happen. There is probably a sequencer track that has the Density randomization still engaged. Can you please make sure that the Density is set to ‘off’ on all of the sequencers?

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Thank you. Yes, that was the issue. Since I was on the ALL page, I was assuming that hitting the randomize button while the Density was off on that page, would not randomize everything.

I think that when the ALL button is selected, it should follow whatever is on those tabs, ignoring what’s selected on the individual tracks, otherwise it gets too confusing and it creates unnecessary navigation. If I want to randomize all steps, while some tracks have the steps randomization turned off, I simply go to the ALL section and hit randomize, regardless of the individual tracks state. That’s why the ALL button exists, I guess.

If you click on the Density-off button while you are on the ‘ALL’ tab it will disengage all Density tracks.

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Ok now I’m confused… that’s exactly what I was experiencing before: the Density button was OFF and it was still randomizing some of the tracks when it comes to Density… then you mentioned that some tracks could have that ON, so I turned them all OFF and then it started working. Now when I turn some of them back ON, when I go to ALL and click the OFF button just on Density, it doesn’t randomize it anymore (as expected) and as you mentioned, it turns all the individual tracks Density off. Seems like a bug or something…

Not at all, having the Density set to ‘Off’ when ‘ALL’ is selected doesn’t stop you for having a single track to still receive Density randomization.

This is made by design so you can use that option, e.g. having Density to one sequencer but not all of them, otherwise clicking ‘ALL’ would simply apply the effect globally.

The controls will be applied to All of the sequencers only after you have clicked ‘ALL’ then tweak the controls.