Loopmix Clicking in ios

How can i get rid of the clicking that happens for this app. I was hoping the update would fix this issue but its introducing full freq clicks
RX8 image and audio from ios

Hello dsorce,

Are you experiencing the same playback problems both in AUv3 & Standalone too?

Thanks for getting back to me sorry for my late reply. I haven’t tested this in the standalone just the auv3. It does seem to be intermittent for some reason.
am i wrong to assume the Smooth button is to eliminate this?

Yes, The ‘Smooth’ control is adding cross-fades between steps to eliminate any artifacts.

So i guess its not working in the auv3?

The Smooth control should be working perfectly on both Standalone & AUv3, that is why i asked if it is working on Standalone for you. Does it?
Additionally which is your DAW/Host?

so standalone doesn’t click and auv3 smoothing doesnt do anything

Which is your DAW and version? Do you have the option to adjust the sample rate/buffer on your settings and see if the issue is still there?

Im using endlesss as a host, its not completely optimized with AUV3. I have the buffer seting on the smallest amount. And ill test around to see if i alter the rate it will change things