Playbeat version 3.1.9 is available now!

Playbeat version 3.1.9 is available now!


• Locks in SMART mode bug fixed
• Added Panning controller in Mixer tab
• Panning Mono Samples
• Midi Learn / Midi CC improvements

For Desktop users, the update is available through your account and also here: Latest Software Updates | Audiomodern

For iOS users, the update should be available through the App Store today.


Hi, thanks for update! It’s great smart lock being fixed.
Sorry for interrupting, are there any chances to see auv3 folder sharing in the nearest iPad updates? Hassling with presets packs and transfer stuff from standalone to auv3 somewhat kills the flow and limits its capacity. I’m saying not because I’m an angry customer, but because Playbeat stomped out of existence most of my drummachines, and it’s one step from being a 100% game changer.

Hi lazyass08,
Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback. Indeed AUv3 apps can not access the default Playbeat folder the same way the Standalone does. We are facing a few limitations caused by Apple’s SDK in conjunction with our coding framework, JUCE but i can confirm that we are working on a new solution for both Playbeat & Loopmix.
Besides that, we will be introducing AudioShare compatibility for all of our apps that handle audio files.

Glad to hear that, I’m sure you will find the best solution! Playbeat and Loopmix deserves to be judged on their full capabilities.

I mentioned this in another thread, but it wasnt addressed there, so I thought this might be a good place to mention it again. 3.1.9 does NOT fix the issue with midi mapping the randomize sample button. I have tried mapping it with midi notes and cc, and its still broken. It works like 4 or 5 times, and then locks up the randomize button completely. To get the randomize button to work again, you have to go in and reload every sample. Ive tried this with VST2 and VST3.

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Hi Vinscuzzy,

We have identified a minor issue which can affect certain OS versions, while we are uploading the latest 3.2.0, i have also sent you a PM with direct access to that version which corrects that issue.

Thank you so much for sending this! The random sample is now assignable, and seems to work. One question though, not sure if this intentional, but I noticed that the random sample trigger ALWAYS changes every sample, regardless of what slot is selected. To clarify, if I have sample slot 1 selected, and trigger the random sample button with midi, it changes EVERY sample in every slot. Not just the slot that is selected. But if I click on the random sample button with the mouse, it only changes the slot that is selected. Hopefully what Im saying makes sense…

Yes, this is intentional as the button is assigned to only one CC number on your controller. Would you prefer to isolate selected tracks? This would mean that you would need to assign eight different CCs to your controller, each for every channel + one for All of the Sequencers.

For my particular workflow, having them be separate would be better. But I get why other people may not like it that way. Im using Maxforlive to create buttons that send individual cc values. So in essence, I randomly jump though many different samples until I find ones I like. I have buttons for each individual slot, one for ALL slots, and one button to randomize. That way I can randomize ALL the sounds, or just select the individual slots such as a snare, and randomize only that.

I have all my drum samples separated into different folders depending on what sound Im going for. I can drop playbeat on any track, have it load a particular set of sounds, and then hit the random sample button till I find sounds I like, without even having to open the GUI of playbeat.


That makes sense and sounds like a very flexible setup.
We might need to add separate buttons/CC for the sample swap that can be assigned via the CC mappings tab.

@Audiomodern Can I add the same request -I use similar workflow; I chose the track # or all and then randomize sample, please make this midi assignable.

We will be adding this to our upcoming V4. Thanks for your patience.

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@Audiomodern Is there a changelog for 3.2.0?

Hi fstop, a small performance improvement to the 3.1.9