Loopmix version 1.1.0 is available now!

What’s new?

:white_check_mark: Smooth Control: Cross-fades to eliminate sharp transients
:white_check_mark: Pan modules for individual tracks
:white_check_mark: Custom Sample Library location (desktop version)
:white_check_mark: ALT+DRAG in re-arrange tab to swap slices (desktop version)
:white_check_mark: Double-click on track button to randomize its effects
:white_check_mark: Track lock prevents audio files from being randomized
:white_check_mark: Fixed crash on MIDI devices disconnection
:white_check_mark: Supported file types: WAV, MP3, AIFF, OGG, FLAC, BWF
:white_check_mark: Various bug fixes & performance improvements

For Desktop users, the update is available through your account and also here: Latest Software Updates | Audiomodern

For iOS users, the update should be available through the App Store today.


Superb! Thanks for the updates & for the efforts :star_struck:

Cheers, :wink: Stand alone windows 10 not remembering audio interface.

re:smooth control is this baked in as I cannot find any controls for this ?

Hello topaz,

What exactly do you mean by ‘not remembering audio interface’ ?
Is it the Audio Device in settings tab? If so, what is the default?

About the smooth control, you will find this in the Sequencer Tab


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Yes setting the interface to my urc44 is not saved. Will check the fades :wink:

Can you please tell me what is the default device selected?

it keeps defaulting to the first device Maschine WDM, but I want to use my steinberg UC44.

ok, it seems to be using the windows output settings not the stand alone.

thats ok I guess :wink:

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