Playbeat 3.2.3 & Loopmix 1.1.1 (iPadOS) concurrent instances crash

Hi audiomodern,

I simply love your products and have all of them for iOS. I will likely purchase them for PC/mac as well.

Currently, I am hosting the auv3 version of Playbeat 3.2.3 and Loopmix 1.1.1 on my iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation) running iPadOS 16.4.1 in AUM 1.4.3 (or Drambo 2.24, Loopy Pro 1.0.42, and sometimes standalone). When I can get it working, I specifically find it enjoyable to have multiple, concurrent instances of Playbeat, or an instance of Playbeat and Loopmix simultaneously running in AUM (which I can mix between, dj like).

With 2 instances of Playbeat auv3 hosted in AUM, the 2nd instance opens fine, I have no issues re-opening the 2nd instance’s auv3 window and adjusting settings, such as rolling dice or changing presets. However, if I attempt to open and adjust the first instance, by clicking on the Playbeat AUM instrument Source circle, both instances immediately crash (the AUM instrument Source circle turns red and requires reload). If I don’t adjust the first instance at all, both seem to run without crashing, at least for a while, but I typically will get both instances crashing at some point. I’ve had stability issues when trying to run Playbeat and Loopmix simultaneously as well, with Playbeat crashing and Loopmix remaining stable (more of the time). When a crash occurs, I can simply re-load the auv3, however, all settings need to be reconfigured / loaded from a save which is not ideal in either a live / recording setting. My AUM DSP usage doesn’t spike and typically will remain below 30-40% so it doesn’t look like I’m running into CPU / memory limitations. Playbeat typically will use under 5-10% DSP and Loopmix hovers around 10-20% in AUM. The tool is so great when I can “dj mix” between 2 but I can’t currently do so reliably.

I wanted to report this as I couldn’t tell if it was a known issue. As I mentioned initially, I will likely purchase for a secondary platform (PC /mac DAW hosted plug-in) and this will probably allow me to run one on that device and another on iPad, and sync both, however, it would be amazing to be able to run two instances of Playbeat or Playbeat and Loopmix, hosted in AUM without crashes, when closing and opening the app view to modify settings live/during recording. In the meantime, my solution involves midi mapping an external controller so I don’t have to open the instance’s view in AUM to make changes like rolling dice or setting mutes, etc.

Please let me know if you require any form of screenshot or if there’s any way I can provide additional helpful information to assist in troubleshooting / bug fixing (hoping for a patch so I can rely on the software playing live).

Thank you so much for such terrific products. I typically will always have an instance of Riffer/Chordjam/Panflow/Filterstep involved in my song composition process and your tools make music making such a joy. I am incredibly excited to see what you all come up with next. Loopmix is amazing and new-ish so I know I’ll have to wait for additional products for a bit! But I am eager to see what you come up with next and hopeful that you may have a fix for concurrent instances of iPad AUM hosted instances of Playbeat (and Loopmix) soon.

Thanks again.


I opted to purchase the full audiomodern suite (awesome sale!) I definitely want to support the development of your fantastic products, both for iOS and PC/Mac DAW. This will also get around the issue if I’m running one instance of Playbeat on iPadOS and one (or more) synced on PC/Mac DAW (Ableton Live and/or Reaper).

Look forward to hearing back if a solution is possible for IPadOS multi-instance Playbeat hosted in AUM, regardless. Thanks audiomodern team!


Hello Josh,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and sorry to hear that, this shouldn’t happen.
Can you please tell me if this issue is only present within AUM or with the Desktop version(s) in another DAW as well?

Hi audiomodern,

Thank you for the quick response.
I have also attempted to load 2 instances of Playbeat auv3 via stand-alone Loopy Pro but get the same crash on iPad (iPadOS). See attached image:

I will try installing on my PC DAW now, try the same and report findings back shortly.



Hi audiomodern,

I’ve completed installation of Playbeat on my Windows 10 PC. I am able to open 2 concurrent sessions of Playbeat on my Windows 10 PC in Reaper (DAW). From a short test, both instances seem to be stable and I can open and close the Playbeat UI, make changes to presets, roll dice, etc. I can’t test on a Mac, however.

It seems that the crashing issue is specifically related to multiple Playbeat (and/or Loopmix) auv3 hosted instances running on iPadOS (both in AUM and Loopy Pro).

Would love to see a fix in the future!


Thanks for the information,

I have transferred this to the rest of the dev team to inspect what might be causing this and correct with one of our upcoming updates.

Thank you for your patience.

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I would like to follow up on this and report that I am having exactly the same issue.

Playbeat 3 is AMAZING but it consistently crashes for me in AUM when running multiple instances.

I can load the first instance, then the second instance, then I can open the UI for the second instance as many times as I wish but the moment I try to load the first instance UI again, both instances crash.

This is an iPad Pro 12.9 4th generation running iPadOS 16.3.1; however, I can reproduce the issue on other devices as well, including an iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation running iPadOS 16.4.1 (a).

If you could take a look and resolve that crash, I would be eternally grateful!

Hello oddSTAR,

Indeed this is happening when multiple instances are loaded. We are working to resolve the problem. Thank you for your patience.


i’m wondering if there is any news on the ios crashes on loopmix when multiple instances are open in AUM.

makes it virtually unplayable for me and it was my favorite app to use before… :frowning:


Hello drewhino,

We’re still investigating the issue and apologies for the delay. We expect to have a solution soon.

Bought the bundle on iOS today and was expecting that this problem ist fixed … unfortunately 2 instances in AUM still kill each other … why is support saying they are taking care and nothing has happened since august?

Hello RainerG,

Apologies if we’re being a little late in this. We’re preparing for a major update and we’re trying to pack as many new features as we can along with it, as well as properly testing the app for compatibility and performance. Rest assured this will be available soon.

Is this problem solved by now?