Individual step processing

This is something I haven’t seen on any drum machine yet and I believe this would add an extra layer of uniqueness to Playbeat.

Right now we add a step and we can change the pitch, velocity, density, etc. Thing is, let’s say my step 1 has a density of 4. If I use the pitch to lower it 4 semi tones, all 4 notes will be pitched. More and more people, especially those producing trap beats and other genres where pitching samples is part of the groove, it would be good if we could click a step (while holding a key on the keyboard, for example, Alt on Mac) and it would open a new window and we could process that step individually. So even if we have density set to 4, we will see those 4 notes as extra steps and we can maybe change the velocity on notes 2 and 4, maybe pitch note 3 up and notes 1 and 2 down, etc. It’s like having a Playbeat instance inside a step. Pretty much the way a DAW allows us to edit midi notes individually.

I believe this would be an awesome feature that I haven’t seen anywhere.

Hi @iamdannywyatt,
Thank you for reaching out and providing us with valuable feedback.

Yes, this would be an awesome feature and could create very interesting results.
We have added it in our “To Do” list. :slight_smile:


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Hope this can be implemented. Game changer in my opinion!

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