Step Length edit?

Wanted to tweak the length of a hit and was surprised to find i couldn’t do it. I think there is a conspicuous lack of a step length edit tab? Or am I missing something?

Hi, Have you tried to edit the sample via the Sample Edit tab?
(Screenshot attached)


I’m not using the built in audio engine, but triggering Tal drum VST. Yes i did resort to shortening a sample length for one open hat, but it’s not a solution for articulating nuances for the rest of the kit. Eg. I need to shorten the length of a particular bass drum hit that is lower in velocity.

So you’d wish to shorten a particular step while you’re on MIDI mode. Perhaps as you would do when shortening a note on a piano roll window?

At this point Playbeat transmits MIDI notes and there isn’t such a window, but definitely a feature we can add.

yes, just like shortening a midi note in piano roll, Definitely needed asap. Thanks!

+1 from me or a way to tie notes. Note length editing would be a great new feature. Thank you.